OSCE meeting December 1-3 (ENG)

OSCE meeting December 1-3 (ENG)

On December 1–3, Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs will invite her colleagues at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to the annual Ministerial Council.


​3 DEC at 10.30 AM​
The remaining OSCE activities will be ​handled on a smaller scale and the airport will gradually return to normal operations during the day. The police have released all closed areas on landside. Road traffic to and from the airport is also expected to be manageable from now on. //APOC Supervisor

This is a large meeting which will be held at the Scandinavian XPO conference centre in Arlandastad, in the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Some 600 delegates from 57 member countries will take part and be escorted to and from the meeting on these days. At these times, the police will stop road traffic to and from parts of the airport, sometimes for several hours.

The meeting's impact on the airport

​General introduction

  • Many details about what impact this will have are still unclear, and a great deal will remain unclear for the entire period, for security reasons.
  • Swedavia will assist the police by reducing vehicular and pedestrian traffic in parts of the airport in different ways. The restrictions and deviations from normal operations described below are directly related to measures planned by the police. However, it is not possible to give exact times and places for the closures.
  • We ask everyone – companies and employees – to assume that the restrictions we describe are those that will be in effect. Any easing of closures, traffic stops, closed shortcuts and the like will then be a pleasant surprise.
  • If you or your colleagues have jobs that are important for airport operations – don't take any risks on these days. Take the train if you can and choose recommended roads and walkways. Listen to updates on the traffic situation.
  • It is a good idea that employees who can perform their duties from home can naturally do so on these days.​

Air traffic/information to passengers

  • Everyone involved is working hard to ensure that the event does not affect the airport's ability to run normal operations.​
  • All the information you read here – what people should keep in mind in order to get to the airport and to their flight without being affected by the stop in road traffic – needs to be conveyed to passengers in all channels. The airport and the police are spreading the information widely, but we also need help from airlines and tour operators that have the possibility of directly reaching customers affected.

Road traffic

  • Road traffic will be greatly affected in conjunction with closures and stops in traffic.
  • It will be possible to get to and from the airport using one's car, a bus or taxi, but this will be done during some periods using alternative routes with instructions to follow the orange signs, and this will take longer than usual.
  • The easiest way to get to and from Stockholm Arlanda on these days is by train.


  • The pedestrian tunnel and walkway from the eastern part of the airport will be open. However, it will only be possible to access this from Terminals 2 and 4, not from the Skybridge or Terminal 5.
  • This applies to anyone walking or cycling from the terminal to Road Gate (Grind) 1, Gate Gourmet, the police station (Polishuset), Swedaviahuset and other workplaces in the area.


  • Local SL buses will be moved temporarily from their bus stops at Sky City to a new location at Terminal 4. This will take effect starting Monday, November 29.
  • All other bus traffic to and from Terminals 2 and 4 will operate as usual.
  • The bus from the P2 Beta long-term car park will run every 10 minutes on the days in question. The bus ride may take longer than usual.


  • Taxis to and from Terminal 2 will operate as usual.
  • Taxis departing from Terminal 5 on the arrival level will operate but will depart via Terminals 2 and 4.
  • At those time when traffic on the Arlandaleden access road is stopped, arriving taxis will be redirected to Terminal 2.
  • Passengers will be able to take the Arlanda Express rail service free of charge between the terminals.


  • Operations open inside the terminals will operate as usual.  
  • Terminals 2 and 5 are used for air traffic, while Terminal 4 landside is used for bus traffic.

Car parks

  • The employee car park/P2 Beta long-term car park with their bus service to the terminal will be open and operate as usual. Buses will run every 10 minutes. Please allow plenty of time – the bus ride may take longer than usual.
  • The car parks at Terminals 2 and 4 will be open and operate as usual.
  • When the Arlandaleden access road is closed, it will not be possible to get to or from the P51 and P53 multi-storey car parks at Terminal 5 or the P56 and P57 car parks.
  • The drop-off/pick-up car park at Terminal 5 will be affected at times.
  • In those cases, this traffic will be redirected to Terminal 2.
  • People using P57, the car park closest to Swedaviahuset, will have a longer walk to the terminal. In the pedestrian tunnel, people will have to turn left towards Terminal 4 and enter the terminal system via this route.​

Sky City

  • Operations up in Sky City or in the Skybridge will not be not affected.
  • Deliveries to the building normally made to the loading bays will be replanned.
  • Sky City's main entrance facing the street will remain open, but it will not be possible to leave the building via the Skybridge past Clarion. 
  • The pillared walkway along the building between Terminals 4 and 5 will be open to pedestrians – as will the route to ExpressCare, which has its entrance from outside.  
  • The Sky City garage will be closed to entering traffic. There may be long waiting times for cars exiting the garage. At times, exiting traffic may be redirected by the police, using another exit to the Mistralleden access road.

Construction projects

  • No heavy lorry transports to or from the projects from December 1 at 12 PM (noon) to December 4 at 7 AM.
  • No blasting December 1–3.
  • Checkpoint has closed bookings in LogNet for December 1–3.
  • No crane work will be carried out from December 1 at 12 PM (noon) to December 4 at 7 AM.​​​
  • The Arlanda Consolidation Center (CGM) for goods deliveries will operate with some changes in loading hours on landside and airside.

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